May 30

CPD – Launching new course at #CAEP17

EDTU X Resuscitation is a one-day course launching in Vancouver, BC on June 3, 2017.

EDTU X is a series of advanced courses for those who have completed and consolidated their basic skills. “EDTU X-Resuscitation” encompasses advanced cardiac skills, inferior vena cava assessment, lung evaluation and US guided-central venous catheterization.

Future modules will include among others gallbladder, kidney, procedural modules (i.e. nerve blocks, paracentesis, fracture reduction, etc.) and pediatric topics.

Like EDTU, EDTU X maximizes hands-on instruction time by using a high instructor to participant ratio, and by requiring that instructional lectures be watched by participants prior to the start of the course. EDTU X also focuses on the clinical integration of PoCUS skills by using cases on course day to review pathology and clinical management.