CAEP continues to expand education initiatives, including several new CPD offerings such as:

Emergency Medicine Review (EMR) which is a robust two-day program of concise chapters with key concepts and core information. It provides a modern flipped classroom approach that allows for discussion of your clinical experiences and peer feedback.


EDTU X  is a series of advanced one-day courses that maximizes hands-on instruction time for those who have completed and consolidated their basic skills. Currently available is “EDTU X-Resuscitation” which encompasses advanced cardiac skills, inferior vena cava assessment, lung evaluation and US guided-central venous catheterization. It also integrates PoCUS skills by using cases to review pathology and clinical management. Future modules will include gallbladder, kidney, procedural modules (i.e. nerve blocks, paracentesis, fracture reduction, etc.) and pediatric topics among others.

AIME Update is a half day program that reinforces the priorities of airway management. While this program is not a substitute for the hands-on experience of AIME, it is relevant to any clinician who may be responsible for airway management in emergencies regardless of experience.


AIME Advanced is designed for experienced clinicians who have had prior airway management training/experience (AIME, Residency trained, significant ‘field’ experience). This program is a hands-on, skill-focused advanced airway learning experience using clinical cadavers that have been ‘gifted’ to the Human Body Donation program at Dalhousie. These bodies behave in a manner that is for the most part indistinguishable from live human tissue.


The CME in the SUN Program offers physicians an opportunity to learn while enjoying an all-inclusive one of a kind family vacation in luxurious settings.



CAEP Notes is an interactive online platform that provides a synopsis of relevant topics in emergency medicine.




The Academic Section continues to grow its education initiatives, including its symposium, as well as the GEMeS, FEIs, and CAEP Cast.