CAEP’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee believes “choice” and “opportunity” are key areas of focus in developing our CPD offerings.

CAEP is pleased to present two new courses for our CPD learners. Both EMR ACT II and AIME Update officially launched at our CME in the SUN events in January and February 2016.  These two outstanding CPD offerings can now to be taken within Canada.  Be sure to check out the CPD Calendar within the CAEP website for the current list of  scheduled courses and when you can find them coming to a city near you.

The new AIME Update course is a case-based, evidence supported, interactive airway learning experience.  It lets you know what’s new, what’s in and what’s out in airway management. It’s an outstanding complement to the original AIME course.

Our second new course  is EMR Act II. The EMR program is divided into six acts (courses) and is a comprehensive review of emergency medicine highlighting hot topics and controversies as well as reviewing some topics emergency physicians need to know. It serves as a review, an update, or a vehicle towards revalidation.  Just a reminder, that if you are interested in taking ACT I of Emergency Medicine Review, your final opportunity will be at CAEP 2016 in Québec City.

CAEP is also currently working on new projects that will bring CAEP CPD into the online world. CAEP Notes is a new  endeavour that will provide high level education to our membership through the use of a computer screen and a touch of a button.  Our first CAEP Notes offering should be ready for members by CAEP 2016.

CAEP is also in the process of revamping its website with a fresh design and new features.  I am confident that when it launches later this spring, it will provide a great new medium to showcase all of the CPD we have to offer.

I am honoured to be the chair of this committee and I am excited to lead the way on our new projects. A new version of our ED STAT! course – along with our continued focus towards online CPD – are the top priorities of the committee for the immediate future.

Indeed our CPD developments have been productive and fruitful during the last little while. I look forward to seeing what our efforts will bring in the foreseeable future.


Mark Mensour, MD CCFP(EM)
CPD Committee Chair