Academic Section

The vision of the Academic Section is to promote high-quality emergency patient care by conducting world-leading education and research in emergency medicine. Through its three committees focused on leadership/administration, education scholarship and research, the Academic Section delivers the annual Academic Symposium as well as other initiatives. If you are interested in actively participating in any of these initiatives, contact Shanna Scarrow (

Vision and Mission


  • To promote high-quality emergency patient care by conducting world-leading education and research in emergency medicine

Mission Statement

  • To improve emergency care of patients by enhancing academic emergency medicine primarily at Canadian medical schools and teaching hospitals
  • To foster and develop education, research and academic leadership amongst Canadian emergency physicians (EPs), residents and students
  • To provide mentorship in academic emergency medicine (EM)

Academic Section Terms of Reference (2016)


Executive Committee Members

Academic Section Executive Committee

For a searchable table of Academic Section Executive Members, click here.

Ian Stiell


Eddy Lang

Leadership Portfolio

Rob Woods

Education Scholarship Portfolio

Jeff Perry

Research Portfolio

Teresa Wawrykow

Undergraduate Education

Garth Meckler

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Education

Kirk Magee

RCPSC Postgraduate Education

John Foote

CCFP(EM) Postgraduate Education

Four Members-at-Large (elected from West, Prairies, Ontario. Québec, East)

Eddy Lang


Laurie Morrison


Natalie Le Sage


Paul Miller


Ex-officio Members (non-voting)

Paul Pageau

CAEP President

Lynn Garrow

CAEP Executive Director

Jeff Perry

Research Portfolio

Brian Chung

RCPSC Program Director Chair

Aaron Johnston

CCFP(EM) Program Directors Chair

Mark Mensour

CPD Chair

Jim Ducharme


Etienne van der LInde

Small Urban and Rural Section Chair

Rod LIm

Pediatric Section Chair

Jodie Pritchard

Resident Section Representative

Shanna Scarrow

Staff Liaison

Kelly Wyatt

Staff Liaison

How to Join

All CAEP members are welcome to join and participate in the section.

Academic Section Executive Committee vacant positions will be posted in the CAEP Connects and on CAEP social media channels.

Contact Kelly Wyatt for more information at

Election Process


February 1 – March 31Identify open positions & solicit nominations.
April 1All nominations should have been received by CAEP office.
April 15Nominee information is posted to the CAEP website.
June (at CAEP conference)
  • Elections will be held.
  • Electronic election format will be available for those not available to attend conference.
July 1
  • Chair must be approved by the CAEP Board (at their next board meeting).
  • If the chair is not approved, then the position will be available for election.

Annual Meeting

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Feature Education Innovation

Each month, the Education working group of CAEP’s Academic Section will be providing a Feature Education Innovation (FEI). These feature summaries will highlight initiatives and the education scholarship across Canadian medical schools. We will release them as part of the CAEP Connects at the middle of each month.

Ken Milne generously hosted and produced Season One of CAEP Cast and Chris Bond has taken the lead as host for Season Two. Julien Poitras hosts the French CAEP Casts.

Visit the FEI’s page.

Yours truly,
Teresa Chan & Julien Poitras
FEI Team Leads

Great Evidence in Medical education Summary

Each month, the Education working group of CAEP’s Academic Section will be providing you a Great Evidence in Medical education Summary (GEMeS). This section is designed to highlight key, useful medical education literature that the entire CAEP membership might find useful. We will release them as part of the CAEP Connects at the middle of each month.

Visit the GEMeS page.

Yours truly,
Teresa Chan & Julien Poitras
GEMeS Team Leads

All Academic Section Activities

AS ExecutiveAcademic EM Department Environmental ScanSee recent publication in CJEM: An Environmental Scan of Academic Emergency Medicine at the 17 Canadian Medical Schools: Why Does this Matter to Emergency Physicians?
AS ExecutiveAcademic PEM Department Environmental ScanIn progress
AS ExecutivePrevious Academic SymposiaFor more information, visit the Education Pillar and Academic Symposia.
AS ExecutiveAcademic Consultation ServiceYou may request an Academic Consultation in the areas of Education, Research, or Administration (Leadership). Click for more details.
Academic Leadership CommitteeLeadership Track at CAEP 2017Details will be posted on the conference webpage, as they become available.
Academic Leadership CommitteeLeaders Forum (at the CAEP Conference)All leaders (and their guest) will be invited to share their leadership experiences.
Academic Leadership CommitteeLeadership ResourcesA list of books, courses, etc that EM academic leaders are recommending.
Education Scholarship CommitteeEM Educator BiosTo learn more about EM education in Canada, find your experts at EM Educator Bios.
Education Scholarship CommitteeFeature Education InnovationsSee the latest FEI listed under the Education Pillar.
Education Scholarship CommitteeCAEP CastsListen to the latest FEI on CAEP Cast.
Education Scholarship CommitteeGreat Evidence in Medical education SummarySee the latest GEMeS listed under the Education Pillar.
NCERNCER in TremblantNCER will be held in Tremblant from February 27, 2017 to March 2, 2017.  Visit for more information.
NCERGrizzly DenTo be held at CAEP 2017  and will include a $10,000 EMAF Grant.
More information coming soon!
Research Committee2017 Academic SymposiumThe  2017 Academic Symposium is on Knowledge Translation  and is being led the Research Committee.
Research CommitteeAnnual Abstract CompetitionTo submit a research or education innovation abstract to CAEP 2017 in Whistler, click here.
Competition dates:
Opens: Friday, November 4th, 2016
Closes: Sunday, January 8th, 2017
Research CommitteeAnnual Grant CompetitionTo submit a grant proposal , click here.
Grants include:
$5000 (1) CAEP-CanVECTOR Grant
$5000 (5) for Junior Investigator Grants
$10000 (3) Open EMAF Grants
Opens: Monday, September 12, 2016
Closes: Thursday, November 3, 2016
Research CommitteeResearch AwardsResearch awards are given annually for the top-ranked abstracts. For award details, click here.
Emergency Medicine Advancement FundTo donate or learn more about how supporting EM research improves patient care, visit