Feature Education Innovations (FEIs)

Each month, the Education working group of CAEP’s Academic Section will be providing a Feature Education Innovation (FEI). These feature summaries will highlight initiatives and the education scholarship across Canadian medical schools. They will be released in CAEP Connects each month.

FEIs meet the following standards for Quality Educational Scholarship: Glassick’s Criteria for Quality in Educational Scholarship.

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Feature Education Innovation (FEI) Editors:

Julien Poitras (Université Laval)

Teresa Chan (McMaster University)

FEI CAEP Cast Hosts/Producers:

Ken Milne (Season One)

Chris Bond (Season Two)

Julien Poitras (en français)

2017 FEIs

Lead Author(s)

FEI Title

Samantha Calder-Sprackman
Thara Kumar
University of Ottawa

2015 FEIs

Lead Author(s)

FEI Title

Brian Chung
Sandra Jarvis-Selinger
Lana Newton
University of
British Columbia
Andrew Dixon
Tina Yokota
Allison Kirkham
Katherine Smith
Shona MacLachlan
University of Alberta
Tia Renouf
Michael Parsons
Peter Rogers
Sabrina Alani
Adam Dubrowski
Memorial University
Paul Olszynski
Paul Kulyk
University of Saskatchewan