Medical Students

This section is managed by the CAEP medical student representative. This is an annually elected CAEP medical student member who sits on the CAEP resident committee. The medical student representative is here to serve you, the medical students across Canada who are passionate about emergency medicine (EM).

Duties of the medical student representative to you:

  • To maintain regular communication with EM interest groups (EMIGs) across the country
  • To represent the interests of medical students interested in EM
  • To provide a forum for national and international networking between medical students interested in EM
  • To provide leadership and advocacy in EM undergraduate medical education
  • To maintain existing programs, and initiate new projects that will benefit medical students and/or patients
  • To act as a source of information and a liaison between medical students and EM programs

Specific goals during my term:

  1. To foster greater national connection among students who are interested in EM. I plan to do this through a regular electronic newsletter. This will require support from the local EMIGs. Together, let’s all learn more about what EM looks like across the country.
  2.  To coordinate and expand CAEP’s Medical Student Mentorship Program.
  3. To coordinate an engaging Medical Student Symposium for the CAEP 2017 conference in Whistler BC. The focus will be on providing lectures and a skills workshop that will be relevant to medical students while on EM core rotations and electives.
  4. To update and curate some of the resources currently listed on the CAEP medical student page.
  5. To encourage more medical students interested in EM to consider joining CAEP.

It’s an honour to serve in this position. Your feedback regarding how I could better serve you is welcomed. Should you have any questions or comments, please submit them in confidence to the email listed below.

I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Evan Russell (Queen’s Medicine Class of 2018)
CAEP Medical Student Representative 2016-2017
Email: Twitter: @caepstudent