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2017GrantGrizzly DenVarner, CatherineA blinded, randomized controlled trial of opioid analgesics for the management of acute fracture pain in older adults discharged from the emergency department.
2017GrantCAEP - CanVectorde Wit, KerstinPatient preferences in emergency CT scanning for pulmonary embolism
2017GrantJunior InvestigatorFernando, ShannonAnalysis of Bystander CPR Quality During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests Using Data Derived from Automated External Defibrillators
2017GrantJunior InvestigatorKilbertus, SarahTransition to practice: evaluating the need for formal training in supervision and assessment techniques among senior emergency medicine residents and new to practice emergency physicians
2017GrantJunior InvestigatorMohindra, RohitA prospective randomized pilot trial to reduce readmission for frail elderly patients with acute decompensated heart failure
2017GrantJunior InvestigatorSkutezky, TrevorImproving patient care by engaging Emergency Department staff in a participatory design of a Patient Safety Event reporting platform at an urban tertiary care hospital
2017GrantJunior InvestigatorSuttie, RobertCan Emergency Physicians Reliably Perform Carotid Artery Point-of-Care Ultrasound to Detect Critical Stenosis?
2017GrantEMAF Boutin, ArianeRandomized controlled trial evaluating the additive value of intranasal fentanyl on ibuprofen in the pain management of children with moderate to severe headaches
2017GrantEMAF Eagles, DebraA Study to Evaluate Barriers and Facilitators to the Emergency Department Discharge of Patients with Recent-Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter
2017GrantEMAF Varner, CatherineChallenging the dogma: A randomized controlled trial comparing prescribed light exercise to standard management for emergency department patients with acute mild traumatic brain injury
2017AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationStiell, IanCreation of the Canadian Heart Failure Risk Scale for Acute Heart Failure Patients
2017Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationBrousseau, Audrey-AnneDerivation and Validation of a feasible Emergency Department specific Frailty Index to predict adverse outcomes
2017Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationVaillancourt, ChristianImplementation of the Canadian C-Spine Rule by Paramedics: A Safety Evaluation
2017AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractFernando, ShannonInitial Serum Lactate Predicts Deterioration in Emergency Department Patients with Sepsis
2017AbstractTop New Investigator AbstractSalehi, LeilaA descriptive analysis of ED Length of Stay of admitted patients 'boarded' in the emergency department
2017AbstractTop Pediatric AbstractPlint, AmyHow safe are our pediatric emergency departments? A multicentre, prospective cohort study
2017AbstractCAEP - CanVECTOR Research AbstractSharif, SameerOptimizing the use of CT scanning for Pulmonary Embolism in the Emergency Department
2017AbstractCAEP - CanVECTOR Research AbstractLang, EddySubstantial variation in CTPE ordering patterns and diagnostic yield in a large group of specialty-trained emergency physicians
2017AbstractTop Education Innovation AbstractSneath, PaulaGridlockED: an emergency medicine game and teaching tool
2017AbstractTop Medical Student Top New Investigator AbstractStewart, DanaAre EMS offload delay patients at increased risk of adverse outcomes?
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractBeyea, MichaelExtracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Emergency Department for Resuscitation of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients: A Systematic Review
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractCournoyer, AlexisFor Patients Suffering from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest, is Survival Influenced by the Capabilities of the Receiving Hospital?
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractHarris, AdamEmergency department procedural sedation in elderly patients
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractMasood, SameerDid the Choosing Wisely Canada Campaign Work? A Retrospective Analysis of its Impact on Emergency Department Imaging Utilization for Head Injuries
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractMcConnell, Allison Prehospital adverse events associated with nitroglycerin use in STEMI patients with right ventricle infarction
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractTaylor, LukeDoes point of care ultrasound improve resuscitation markers in emergency department patients with undifferentiated hypotension? The first Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 1) Study; an international randomized controlled trial
2017AbstractResident Research AbstractToarta, CristianSyncope Prognosis Based on Emergency Department Diagnosis: A Prospective Cohort Study
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Brousseau, AudreyDoes head injury matter? Comparison of functional outcomes in elderly who have sustained a minor trauma with or without head injury: a prospective multicenter cohort study
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Costain, NicholasColchicine in Acute and Recurrent Pericarditis: A Meta-Analysis
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Cournoyer, AlexisPredicting the return of spontaneous circulation using near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring: a systematic review and meta-analysis
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Dattani, NeilAssociation between emergency department chest pain volume and outcomes among patients presenting with chest pain
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract McGivery, KylePoint of Care Ultrasound for lung B-lines in the early diagnosis of acute decompensated heart failure in the Emergency Department: A systematic review.
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Ohle, RobertClinical Exam for Acute Aortic Dissection: A systematic review and meta analysis
2016Abstract Resident Research Abstract Toarta, CristianShort-Term Risk of Arrhythmias among Syncope Patients Presenting with Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter to Canadian Emergency Departments
2016AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationMcRae, AndrewDerivation of a 2-hour high-sensitivity troponin T algorithm for rapid rule-out of acute myocardial infarction in emergency department chest pain patients
2016Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationAli, SaminaA randomized controlled trial on oral analgesic utilization for children presenting with a musculoskeletal trauma in the emergency department 
2016Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationLeung, AlexanderImpact of process improvements on measures of emergency department efficiency
2016AbstractTop Education Innovation AbstractZaver, FareenALiEM AIR-Pro Series: Identifying quality content from blogs and podcasts for the senior emergency medicine resident
2016AbstractTop Medical Student AbstractBeckett, NicoleDo combined electrocardiogram rhythm and point of care ultrasound findings predict outcome during cardiac arrest? The second Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 2) Study.
2016AbstractTop New Investigator AbstractVarner, CatherineText messaging research participants as a follow-up strategy to decrease emergency department study attrition.
2016AbstractTop Pediatric AbstractAli, SaminaIbuprofen or oxycodone? An observational cohort study of post-emergency department discharge management of children’s fracture pain.
2016AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractMasood, SameerA population-based analysis of outcomes in patients with a primary diagnosis of hypertension in the emergency department, using linked datasets
2016GrantJunior Investigator Berthelot, SimonFeasibility assessment of two activity-based costing methods for value-based analysis in the emergency department
2016GrantJunior Investigator Cho, DennisOptimizing Practice for Learning Emergency Department Transthoracic Echocardiography Using an Ultrasound Simulator
2016GrantJunior Investigator Dion, VéroniqueDéfinition des valeurs normales de la veine cave inférieure en pédiatrie à l’échographie au département d’urgence
2016GrantJunior Investigator Letourneau, Jean-SimonAcceptabilité et adaptation pour l’urgence d’un outil d’aide à la prise de décision partagée dans le recours à l’antibiothérapie pour traiter les infections respiratoires aigues
2016GrantJunior Investigator Robichaud, LaurieThe Use of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Acute Infectious Mononucleosis in the Emergency Department
2016GrantEMAFGravel, JocelynShould we use oral Valacyclovir in acute herpetic gingivostomatits in children? A randomized controlled trial.
2016GrantEMAFThoma, BrentThe METR:IQ (Medical Education and Translational Resources: Indicators of Quality) Study: Assessing the quality of novel educational resources
2015AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationEagles, DebraTimed up and go in elderly emergency department patients following minor trauma
2015Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationAtkinson, PaulSonography in cardiac arrest: Real-time Assessment and Evaluation with Sonography - Outcomes Network (REASON)
2015Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationVerma, AiktaPush-alert notifications of troponin results to physician smartphones: impact on emergency department patient flow
2015AbstractResident Research Abstract Dattani, NeilFrailty and the use of health services by older patients following a minor injury
2015AbstractResident Research Abstract Jones, SimonVariability of CTAS scoring in two tertiary care centres in Calgary
2015AbstractResident Research Abstract Lee, ChristopherFirst-responder accuracy using SALT during mass-casualty incident simulation
2015AbstractResident Research Abstract Moe, JessicaEffectiveness of Interventions to decrease emergency department visits by adult frequent users: a systematic review
2015AbstractResident Research Abstract Shephard, LaurenMorbidity and mortality associated with pre-hospital “lift assist” calls.
2015AbstractResident Research AbstractSnider, TristanComfort with geriatric emergency medicine competencies: a survey of Canadian emergency medicine residents
2015AbstractResident Research AbstractSyed, ShahbazProspective validation of a clinical decision rule to identify chest pain patients that can safely be removed from cardiac monitoring in the ED
2015AbstractTop Education Innovation AbstractMartin, LynseyAn emergency medicine residency program as emergency medical services medical advisor: an evaluation of curriculum effectiveness
2015AbstractTop Medical Student AbstractRouse, ColinA traumatic tale of two cities: Does EMS level of care and transportation model affect survival in trauma patients transported to Level 1 trauma centres?
2015AbstractTop New Investigator AbstractThiruganasambandamoorthy, VenkateshPrognostic value of cardiac biomarkers in the risk-stratification of ED syncope: a systematic review
2015AbstractTop Pediatric AbstractThompson, GrahamMagnetic resonance imaging provides useful diagnostic information following equivocal ultrasound in children with suspected appendicitis
2015AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractOhle, RobertFactors associated with choosing the emergency department as a primary access point to health care in a population without a primary care physician: a Canadian cross-sectional study
2015GrantJunior InvestigatorAtzema, ClareThe safety of emergency department cardioversion: Results from the Atrial Fibrillation in the Emergency Room (AFTER) study
2015GrantJunior InvestigatorGraham, KaitlinIncidence of clinically relevant medication discrepancies after implementation of an electronic medication reconciliation process
2015GrantJunior InvestigatorHo, MichaelThe utility of ECG characteristics as prognostic markers in pulseless electrical activity arrests: a retrospective observational cohort study
2015GrantJunior InvestigatorOhle, RobertA retrospective case control study to identify high risk clinical factors for aortic dissection
2015GrantJunior InvestigatorPatocka, CatherineThe impact of spaced instruction on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider long-term retention of pediatric resuscitation performance: a randomized controlled trial (RCT)
2014AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationAtkinson, PaulDoes use of a point of care ultrasound protocol improve outcome in emergency department patients with undifferentiated hypotension? The first Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 1) Study: an interim analysis.
2014Abstract2nd Plenary Presentation Perry, JeffProspective Validation of the Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule in Headache Patients
2014Abstract3rd Plenary Presentation Sage, NatalieCriteria for transfer to tertiary trauma centers : validation phase based on the severity of cases treated in tertiary centers
2014AbstractResident Research Abstract Ali, HumaPediatric Pain Management: the Emergency Medicine Residents' Perspectives
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractGrewal, KeeratPeripheral vertigo discharged from the emergency department: Examining outcomes in the province of Ontario
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractLee, WailliamEffect of triage nurse initiated radiography using the Ottawa Ankle Rules on emergency department length of stay at a tertiary care center
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractMoore, JoannaWas the Return of Spontaneous Circulation Protocol effective? Survival to Discharge and Adherence to the Protocol through a Health Record Review
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractOhle, RobertUltrasonography of the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter for Detection of Raised Intracranial Pressure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractSullivan, EmilyEmergency physicians as human billboards for injury prevention messaging: a randomized controlled trial
2014AbstractResident Research AbstractYan, JustinKetamine-propofol vs propofol alone for procedural sedation in the emergency department: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
2014AbstractTop Medical Student AbstractBuhariwalla, HannahInnovative Use of AED by RNs and RTs During In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
2014AbstractTop New Investigator Abstract Lin, StevenTargeted Temperature Management: Exploring the Association Between Processes of Care and Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
2014AbstractTop Pediatric Abstract Dubrovsky, AlexanderPoint-of-care ultrasound accurately guides reductions of distal forearm fractures in children
2014AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractKarpov, AndreiValidation of Trigger Tools and the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-Cooperative Adverse Drug Event Surveillance Project (NEISS-CADES) Algorithms for Identification of Adverse Drug Events within Emergency Department Health Records
2014GrantJunior InvestigatorHayman, KaitlinDoes utilization of an intubation safety checklist improve patient safety during simulated resuscitation scenarios?
2014GrantJunior InvestigatorLin, StevenEvaluating Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality Measures for the Complete Duration of Resuscitation in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests
2014GrantJunior InvestigatorMcLean, LiannePoint-of-care ultrasound-guided axillary nerve block versus procedural sedation for the reduction of forearm fractures in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
2014GrantJunior InvestigatorMengual, RWhat is the value of initial blood lactate level in predicting morbidity and mortality in adult patients presenting in the Pre-hospital or Emergency Department setting with presumed infection, sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock?
2014GrantJunior InvestigatorRuel, GenevièveRandomised controlled trial of intravenous dexamethasone to prevent relapse in the treatment of migraine in a pediatric emergency department
2013AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationBerthelot, SimonIdentification of Emergency-Sensitive Conditions for the Calculation of an Emergency Care-Specific In-Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio
2013Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationAlyahya, BaderA Prospective Cohort Study to Differentiate Traumatic Tap from True Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
2013Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationCheskes, SheldonThe Impact of Peri-Shock Pause on Survival from Out of Hospital Shockable Cardiac Arrest during the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) Primed Trial
2013AbstractResident Research Abstract Aldeeb, MohammedBedside lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of pulmonary edema in patients presenting with acute dyspnea: A systematic review and meta-analysis
2013AbstractResident Research AbstractAlyahya, BaderA Prospective Cohort Study to Differentiate Traumatic Tap from True Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
2013AbstractResident Research AbstractHickey, MichaelA Before-After Study Comparing Complications of Warfarin Reversal Using Frozen Plasma versus Octaplex
2013AbstractResident Research Abstract Hrymak, CarmenUltra-Low Dose CT Comparable to Standard CT in Patients with Suspected Renal Colic
2013AbstractResident Research Abstract Khan, FarooqThe Impact of Massed versus Spaced Instruction on Learning of Procedural Skills in Pediatric Resuscitation
2013AbstractResident Research Abstract Leclerc-Gagne, KarenSurvival analysis after head injury: Is a normal INR reassuring?
2013AbstractResident Research Abstract Peterson, DanielTen Minute Educational Intervention Improves Emergency Physicians’ Ability to Interpret Left Ventricular Function
2013AbstractTop Medical Student AbstractLosier, JustinNational Survey of Emergency Physicians for TIA Risk Stratification Consensus and Appropriate Treatment for a Given Level of Risk
2013AbstractTop New Investigator AbstractCheung, KaEmergency Department Tobacco Cessation Counseling: Implementation and Evaluation of a Community Based Program - A Pilot Study
2013AbstractTop Pediatric Abstract Zed, PeterMedication-Related Emergency Department Visits in Pediatrics: A Prospective Observational Study
2013AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractMal, SameerThe Impact of Pre-Hospital Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Support Ventilation in Adult Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
2013GrantJunior InvestigatorAlqurashi, WaleedPre-hospital Management of Children with Anaphylaxis
2013GrantJunior InvestigatorHecht, NathanTest Characteristics of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Acute Posterior Ocular Pathology in Emergency Department Patients
2013GrantJunior InvestigatorLenz, KasiaHow does patient experience correlate with Emergency Physician productivity?
2013GrantJunior InvestigatorLin, StevenAssessing Public Perceptions of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Bystander Willingness to Act in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
2013GrantJunior InvestigatorNg, PearllyEvaluation of the utility of neuroimaging among patients presenting to the emergency department with altered behaviour
2012AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationRowe, BrianRandomized Controlled trial of volume-based staffing in an urban emergency department
2012Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationPapa, LindaSeum levels of spectrin breakdown product 150 (SBDP150) distinguish mild traumatic brain injury from trauma and uninjured controls and predict intracranial injuries on CT and neurosurgical intervention
2012Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationHohl, CorrineClinical decision rules to improve the detection of adverse drug events in emergency department patients
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractDavis, MatthewA prospective evaluation of the utility of the prehospital 12-led electrocardiogram to change the management of patients in the emergency department
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractMeiwald, AllisonMRI abnormalities ed emergency department patients with a diagnosis of TIA: a pilot study
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractPeterson, DanielPredictors of failure of empiric outpatient antibiotic therapy in emergency department patients with uncomplicated cellulitis
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractPoley, RachaelIntroducing bedside limited compression ultrasound by emergency physicians into the diagnostic algorithm for patients with suspected DVT: a prospective cohort trial
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractTashkandi, MuhammadTest characteristics of thoracic point of care ultrasonography for the diagnosis of acute congestive heart failure in the emergency department
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractYan, JustinNormal renal ultrasound identifies renal colic patients at low risk for urologic intervention: a prospective study
2012AbstractResident Research AbstractYan, JustinRisk factors associated with the need for urologic intervention in emergency department patients with suspected renal colic
2012AbstractTop Resident Research AbstractChan, TeresaUnderstanding communication between emergency and consulting physcians: manifestations of conflict,conflict-prevention, and conflict-resolution
2012GrantJunior InvestigatorDalseg, TimOutcome Feedback within Canadian Emergency Medicine Programs: A Pediatric Fellow and Program Director Perspective
2012GrantJunior InvestigatorLiebregts, MichelleAre Canadian Geriatric Trauma Patients Under-triaged to Trauma Team Care and what is the Impact on Clinical Outcomes?
2012GrantJunior InvestigatorSeguin, LaurenceA randomized double-blind trial comparing the effect on pain of an oral sucrose solution versus placebo in children 1 to 3 months old needing nasopharyngeal aspiration
2012GrantJunior InvestigatorVaillancourt, SamuelChildren discharged from the Emergency Department with Serious Infections: A population-based study in Ontario
2012GrantJunior InvestigatorWall, BrianThe Use of Capnography in Emergency Department Procedural Sedation and Analgesia: A Systematic Review
2011AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationVaillancourt, ChristianFactors Influencing the Intentions of Nurses and Respiratory Therapists to Use Automated External Defibrillators During In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: An Institutional Survey
2011Abstract2nd Plenary Presentation Rowe, BrianThe Effectiveness of Ketorolac in the Treatment of Acute Migraine Headaches in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review
2011Abstract3rd Plenary Presentation Scheuermeyer, FrankDevelopment and Validation of a Prediction Rule for Early Discharge of Low-risk Emergency Department Patients with Potential Ischemic Chest Pain
2011Abstract4th Plenary Presentation Wassweman, JasonComputer Tomography Identifies Patients at High Risk for Stroke After Transient Ischemic Attack: A Prospective, Multi-Centre Cohort Study
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractAustin, MichaelA Randomized Clinical Trial of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) in the Treatment of Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema (ACPO) Patients in the Pre-Hospital Setting
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractChan, TeresaUnderstanding Communication Between Emergency and Consulting Physicians: A Qualitative Study that Defines the Essential Elements of a Referral-consultation
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractEagles, DebraDevelopment of a Symptom Specific Quality of Life Scale in Emergency Department Patients with Recent Onset Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractGaudet, JonathanSevere Sepsis and Septic Shock in Canadian Emergency Departments: A National Survey of Barriers to Evidence-Based Care
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractJalayer, MassoudPrognostic Validity of the Mortality in ED Sepsis (MEDS) Score in ED Septic Patients: A Systematic Review
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractKanji, HusseinEmergency cricothyroidotomy: A Randomized Crossover Trial Comparing Percutaneous Techniques: Classic Seldinger versus “Incision First”
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractMal, SameerThe Impact of Autopulse on the Rate of Return of Spontaneous Circulation in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Oxford County
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractPayrastre, JulienSCRAP the CT Chest: A Prospective Validation Pilot Study
2011AbstractResident Research AbstractYan, JustinPatient-Related Outcomes in Suspected Renal Colic After Discharge from the Emergency Department.
2011GrantJunior InvestigatorAthaide, ValerieThe effect of ketamine on intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, hemodynamics and mortality in rapid sequence intubation:  A systematic review of the literature
2011GrantJunior InvestigatorChartier, LucasThe DRFUS Trial: Distal Radius Fracture Reduction with UltraSound
2011GrantJunior InvestigatorCohen, LynseyEmergency physician attitudes towards homeless and substance using patients: identifying opportunities for improvement
2011GrantJunior InvestigatorDesjardins, MarieA randomized double-blind trial comparing the effect on pain of an oral sucrose solution versus placebo in children 1 to 3 months old needing venipunture
2011GrantJunior InvestigatorJohnson, KristenDifferent corticosteroid dosing strategies at discharge for acute asthma
2010AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationRowe, BrianThe Impact of a Triage Nurse Ordering on ED Overcrowding: A Systematic Review
2010Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationHohl, CorinneThe Effect of a Bolus Dose of Etomidate on Cortisol Levels, Mortality, and Healthcare Services Utilization: A Systematic Review
2010Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationMorrison, LaurieBasic Life Support Termination of Resuscitation Guideline Implementation Trial (TORIT)
2010Abstract4th Plenary PresentationBruder, EricEmergency Department Targeted Ultrasound for the Detection of Hydronephrosis
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractBarbic, DavidHypertonic Saline in Acute Traumatic Brain Injury? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractHall, AndrewThe Development and Validation of a Simulation-based OSCEwith Basic Resuscitation Scenarios in Emergency Medicine
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractHames, HeatherIntraarticular Lidocaine vs Intravenous Sedation for the Reduction of Anterior Shoulder dislocations in the Emergency Department
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractJong, DanielleA Prospective Evaluation of the Adverse Event Profile and One-Week Outcomes of Injection Drug Users Undergoing Emergency Department Procedural Sedation
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractKrause, JoelReliability of Free-Text Presenting Complaints Entered at Triage as compared to CEDIS
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractLam, NiImpact of Learners on Emergency Department Length of Stay
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractLam, TongPlanning and Effectiveness of an H1N1 Surge Protocol and Lessons to be Learned from Implementation Delays
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractPayrastre, JulienCan I SCRAP the CT Chest? The Derivation of a CDR to Rule-Out Major Thoracic Injury in Major Blunt Trauma
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractRay, TimothyThe Prevalence of Hypoglycemia in Children with Vomiting or Decreased Oral Intake and Irritability
2010AbstractResident Research AbstractTerrett, LukeUse of Simulation in Canadian FRCP EM Residency Training Programs
2010GrantJunior InvestigatorChan, TeresaCommunication between Emergency Physicians and Consultants: A qualitative study to define a model for Teaching Junior Learners in the Emergency Department
2010GrantJunior InvestigatorKanji, HusseinIncision-first versus classic Seldinger technique for emergency cricothyroidotomy
2010GrantJunior InvestigatorLanghan, TrevorWhat is the Seroprevalence of HIV in Adult Trauma Patients Admitted to a Trauma Referral Centre?
2010GrantJunior InvestigatorMcCrossin, ChrisIncidence of Intra-abdominal injuries detected by CT scanning in cases of blunt pediatric trauma at a Canadian Pediatric Trauma Center 
2010GrantJunior InvestigatorThiruganasambandamoorthy, VenkateshStudy to derive a preliminary clinical decision rule for ED non-traumatic low back pain patients to identify serious underlying pathology
2009AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationShah, AmitA Prospective, Blinded, Ranomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Ketamine-Propofol vs Ketamine Alone for Procedural Sedation in the Pediatric Department
2009Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianThe Failure of Discharge Spirometry Cut-Points to Precti RElapse After Discharge from the Emegency Department with Acute Asthma
2009Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationBorgundvaag, BjugTrial of Routine Angioplasty and Stenting after Fibrinolysis to Enhance Reperfusion in Acute Myocardial Infarction (TRANSFER-AMI)
2009Abstract4th Plenary PresentationPerry, JeffEarly CT Without LP Reliably Excludes Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Neurologically Intact ED Patients with Acute Headache
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractAchiam, CimiWhat is the prevelance of methicillin-resistent Staphococcus aureus in skin and soft tissue infections presenting to the emergency department of a Canadian academic health care centre?
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractFox, JamesProphylactic Hypothermia for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Quantitative Systematic Review
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractGreen, JayCan early acetominophen concentrations be used to exclude patients from the need for N -acetylcysteine therapy?
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractHealey, AndrewA needs assessment to determine the essential elements of in-hospital resuscitation knowledge and skills for resident physcians
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractKwok, EdmundAnaphylaxis, allergic reactions, and biphasic reactions in the ED: a retrospective chart review
2009AbstractResident Research AbstractRose, NicolasA prospective study of ultrasound-guided hematoma blocks in distal radius fractures
2009GrantJunior InvestigatorBradley, JeffUse of Ultrasound Guided 3 in 1 Femoral Nerve Blocks in the Emergency Department for Analgesia in Patients Presenting With Hip Fractures 
2009GrantJunior InvestigatorGaudet, JonathanSevere Sepsis and Septic Shock in Canadian Emergency Departments: Have Optimal Guidelines Translated into Optimal Care? 
2009GrantJunior InvestigatorGray, SaraThe 'EDVent' study: Mechanical Ventilation in the Emergency Department: a Prospective Observational Pilot Study 
2009GrantJunior InvestigatorStefan, AlexandraDoes the use of procedure videos during clinical shifts improve the quality of teaching of procedures in the emergency department? 
2009GrantJunior InvestigatorTurnbull, JenniferAtomized Intranasal Midazolam for Anxiolysis and Facilitation of Laceration Repair in the Pediatric Emergency Department: A randomized controlled trial 
2008AbstractGrant Innes Research Paper and PresentationPlint, AmyA Multi-center Randomized Controlled Trial of Nebulized Epinephrine and Dexamethasone in Outpatients with Bronchiolitis
2008Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationStiell, IanMulti-center Prospective Validation of the Canadian C-Spine Rule by ED Triage Nurses
2008Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationOsmond, MartinIsolated Recurrent Vomiting Rarely Predicts Brain Injury in Children with Blunt Minor Head Injury
2008Abstract4th Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianParenteral Dexamethasone for Preventing Recurrent Migraine Headaches: A Systematic Review of the Literature
2008GrantJunior InvestigatorAchiam, CimiWhat is the Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Presenting to the Emergency Departments of a Canadian Academic Health Care Center?
2008GrantJunior InvestigatorFox, JamesA prospective systematic review and comprehensive meta-analysis of prophylactic hypothermia in the treatment of traumatic brain injury 
2008GrantJunior InvestigatorPrincipi, TaniaWhat Happens to Oxygen Saturation after Discharge in Outpatients with Acute Bronchiolitis? 
2008GrantJunior InvestigatorReesi, AbdullahSickle Cell Disease in the Emergency Department, A Prospective Study 
2008GrantJunior InvestigatorRose, NicholasA Prospective Study of Ultrasound Guided Hematoma Blocks in Distal Radius Fractures 
2007Abstract1st Plenary PresentationMessenger, DWLOW-DOSE ketamine versus fentanyl as adjunct analgesic to procedural sedation with propofol: a randomized, clinical trial
2007Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationOsmond, MHMULTICENTER controlled clinical trial to evaluate the impact of advanced life support on children with out-of-hospital respiratory distress
2007Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianANTIBIOTIC selection reduces relapse following emergency department discharge in patients with exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorAli, SaminaPediatric Mental Illness and Addiction: A Review of Prevalence in and Costs to Alberta's Emergency Departments
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorBerthelot, SimonImplantation d'un programme de formation en réanimation cardiorespiratoire (RCR) pour des élèves du 3e cycle d'une école primaire de la région de Québec
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorBrooks, StevenA Systematic Review of Prehospital Triage for Patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Directly to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Centers: Should the Guidelines Still Say "Indeterminate'?
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorChenkin, JordanComparison of a Web-based Tutorial with a Didactic Seminar in the Instruction of Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access to Emergency Medicine Resident
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorDong, KathrynEvaluation of a Resident Wellness Curriculum for Emergency Medicine Requests
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorHicks, ChrisC.R.E.W.: Crisis Training for Emergency Workers - Developing an Interdisciplinary Crisis Resource Management Curriculum for Emergency Medicine
2007GrantJunior InvestigatorMorrison, LauraAre Abdominal X-rays Useful Diagnostic Tools in the Work-up of Pediatric Patients Presenting to the Emergency Room with Possible Intussusception?
2006AbstractNoneNone, NoneNone
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorCheung, KaMinimal Illumination Criterion for Direct Laryngoscopy in the Prehospital Setting   
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorDowling, ShawnUse of the Ottawa Ankle Rules in the Pediatric Population: A Survey of Physician Practice 
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorPerry, JeffA Study to Determine Current Practice for ED Patients Diagnosed with TIA: A First Step Towards a Clinical Decision Rule to Improve Clinical Management and Outcomes
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorRobidas, IsabelleComparison de différents scores cliniques d'asthme chez les enfants d'âge préscolaire
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorRoy, MikeA New Radiology Decision Support Tool for Emergency Physicians: The PIRAT (Pediatric Image Retrieval Assisted Teaching)
2006GrantJunior InvestigatorWoo, MichaelImpact of a Central Venous Catheterization Policy in the Emergency Department  
2005Abstract1st Plenary PresentationMorrison, LaurieProspective validation of a termination of resuscitation decision rule for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests managed by primary care paramedics
2005Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationFrank, JasonDesigning an effective emergency medicine clerkship: a systematic needs assessment
2005Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationLiddo, LydiaA radomized clinical trial comparing efficacy and safety of etomidate versus midazolam for procedural sedation among children
2005Abstract4th Plenary PresentationCload, BruceWhat is the impact of testing for NT-proBNP in ED patients?
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractArasu, MalaWhat factors influence a parent's decision to enroll their child in a pediatric emergeny research study?
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractDagnone, DamonSensitivity of six-hour troponin assays in ED patients with chest pain
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractDarrab, AyadHow does fast-track affect quality of care in the ED?
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractFan, JeromeThe effect of triage-applied Ottawa Ankle Rules on length of stay in a Canadian urgent care department: A randomized control trial
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractKillorn, ErinWritten consent for interventions in the Pediatric Emergency Department: physician practices and attitudes
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractMcClennan, SarahSurvey of domestic violence screening protocols in Canadian emergency departments
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractSnider, CarolynVisits by youth to Toronto EDs due to injuries caused by violence
2005AbstractResident Research AbstractVu, EricThe provincial airway database (PAWD) of the British Columbia ambulance service.
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorCalder, LisaAdverse Events after Discharge from High Acuity Areas of the Emergency Department: A Prospective Cohort Study
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorDong, KathrynThe Epidemiology of Narcotic Overdose in Capital Health: Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of a community based naloxone trial
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorGray, SaraIs the HOST score a valid measurement of alcohol withdrawal? 
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorHohl, CorinneCompliance with Emergency Department Discharge Prescriptions 
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorMacIntyre, JanetA Needs Assessment of Critical Care in Canadian Emergency Departments
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorPerry, JeffThe Impact of Electronic Patient Record on Emergency Department Care Study
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorSherbino, JonathanEvaluation of a Novel Emergency Department Teaching Skill
2005GrantJunior InvestigatorSnider, CarolynDevelopment of an Emergency Department Intervention Program to Reduce Youth Violence
2004Abstract1st Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianAddition of long-acting agonists to corticosteroid therapy after discharge of acute asthma: a randomized controlled trial
2004Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationPerry, JeffThe sensitivity of computed tomography for the diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage in ED patients with acute headache
2004Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationLaban, RiyadAminophylline in bradyasystolic cardiac arrest: a randomized placebo-controlled trial
2004Abstract4th Plenary PresentationOsmond, MA clinical decision rule for the use of CT in children with minor head injury
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorAtzema, ClareAdverse events in Low risk ACS patients Receiving continuous cardiac Monitoring in the Emergency Department (ALARMED)
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorBreakey, VickyResidents' attitude and practice regarding the use of analgesia and sedation for lumbar punctures in pediatric patients.   
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorDeMaio, ValerieLocation-Specific Cost Effectiveness of Public Access Defibrillation
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorFan, JeromeA prospective validation of the Triage Risk Screening Tool for elders in a Canadian emergency department
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorMartin, DouglasPain, opioids, and the competence to consent. 
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorReid, SarahSingle-dose activated charcoal for gastric decontamination: A survey of Canadian pediatric emergency physicians.
2004GrantJunior InvestigatorSpacek, AlenaA study to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the combination of a negative computed tomography scan of the head and normal cerebrospinal fluid in ruling out a subarachnoid hemorrhage
2003Abstract1st Plenary PresentationGrafstein, EricThe inter-rater reliability of triage in an acute care ED setting
2003Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianA randomized controlled trial of a novel anti-arrhythmic agent RSD1235 in the treatment of acute atrial fibrillation
2003Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationStiell, IanMulticentre prospective validation of the Canadian CT Head Rule
2003Abstract4th Plenary PresentationDickinson, GarthOral prednisone for the prevention of relapse in outpatients discharged from the ED with exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorBandiera, GlenEvaluating a new Canadian curriculum in ED ultrasonography: Do EM residents make the grade?
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorCalder, LisaA National Survey of Canadian Emergency Physicians: How do you manage traumatic corneal abrasions?
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorEmond, MarcelClinical predictive factors for a concomitant fracture in patients with anterior shoulder dislocation.
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorHall, RobertA randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of training paramedic students to perform endotracheal intubation on a human patient simulator versus human subjects
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorStenstrom, RobEstablishing a valid predictive model for emergency department staffing requirements
2003GrantJunior InvestigatorVaillancourt, ChristianUnderstanding and improving low bystander CPR rates: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature.
2002Abstract 6th Plenary PresentationGrafstein, EricTreated versus untreated HIV positve patients in an urban ED
2002Abstract1st Plenary PresentationStiell, IanMulitcentre prospective validation of the Canadian C-Spine Rule
2002Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationMcGillivray, DavidThe validity of clean-voided (bag) urinalysis (UA) in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI) in nontoilet-trained children: a head-to-head comparison with catheter UA
2002Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationSchull, MichaelNurses, patients, physicians: an analysis of causes of ED overcrowding
2002Abstract4th Plenary PresentationRowe, BrianProspective multicentre study of relapse follwoing ED treatment of COPD exacerbation
2002Abstract5th Plenary PresentationMaio, ValerieIdentification of high-risk locations of cardiac arrest of optimal implementation of public access defibrillation (PAD) programs
2002Abstract7th Plenary PresentationChristenson, JimDoes access to a STAT cardiology follow-up clinic reduce ED length of stay in patients with chest pain?
2001Abstract1st Plenary PresentationStiell, IanThe role of clinical assessment in the evaluation of patients with potential cervical spine injury
2001Abstract2nd Plenary PresentationCampbell, SGThe contribution of blood cultures to the clinical management of adult patients with comuunity-acquired pneumonia: a prospective observational study
2001Abstract3rd Plenary PresentationSchull, MichaelInfluenza as a determinant of ED overcrowding
2001Abstract4th Plenary PresentationPapa, LPredicting complications from renal colic of ED evaluations
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionAghmadi, AbdulaDo residents interpret pediatric chest radiographs accurately
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionAtzema, ClarePrevalence and prognosis of traumatic intraventricular hemmorrhage in blunt head injury patients
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionDenny, ChrisWild in the city: piloting a wilderness medicine course for medical students
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionFrank, JasonMeasures of the effectiveness of resident research curricula: a systematic review of the literature
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionMcInnes, Gordon JThe utility of blood cultures in the management of upper urinary tract infection
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionMillar, KellyUtility of developmental screening in the pediatric emergency department
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionRabin, EricaThe pre-hospital use of adenosine for the treatment of suprabentricular tachycardia
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionReed, AndrewImproving access to acute stroke care in Southeastern Ontario
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionThompson, DrewComparison of emergency room astham care to current Canadian Asthma Guidelines
2001AbstractResident Research CompetitionYoung, JeanneCardiopulmonary resuscitation: predicting outcome in Winnipeg using the prognosis after resuscitation (PAR) score
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorBailey, BenoitEmergency physicians are sleepy before or after a night shift: What are they using as sleep aids?
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorDenny, ChrisSocioeconomic status and survival in prehospital cardiac arrest
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorGoldman, RanChildren leaving a pediatric emergency department without being seen by a pediatrician: Why don’t they stay and where do they go?
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorGray, SaraWhat is the publication record of CAEP resident research presenters?
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorHarris, DevinEmergency physicians’ attitudes towards a clinical prediction rule for the identification and early management of transient ischemic attacks.
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorPerry, JeffEmergency department decision rule for subarachnoid hemorrhage.
2001GrantJunior InvestigatorRoy, MichelDexamethasone for the treatment of sore throat in  acute infectious mononucleosis: a double blind, randomized, placebo control clinical trial.
2000Abstract1st prizeEmonds, MarciaThe efficacy of inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of acute asthma: treatment following ED discharge
2000Abstract2nd prizeLynch, TimothyIs the lateral chest radiograph required in the diagnosis and management of children with suspected pneumonia? A randomized clinical trial.
2000Abstract3rd prizeBajwa, GurjitThe availability of "urgent " ultrasound in Canadian EDs: A survey of ED directors
2000AbstractHonorable MentionEvered, LisaCan we assess asthama severity using expiratory capnography in a pediatric ED?
2000AbstractHonorable MentionHolmen, CarolAnalysis of pre-hospital transport of head-injured patients after regionalization of neurosurgery resources
2000AbstractHonorable MentionKarounis, HelenPlan gut versus non-absorbable nylon sutures in traumatic pediatric lacerations: short-term outcomes
2000AbstractHonorable MentionLandine, JimClinical diagnosis of clavicle fractures
2000AbstractHonorable MentionMawhinney, ShawnIncidence, mortality rates, and advanced life support treatment of prehospital acute pumonary edema: a retrospective cohort
2000AbstractHonorable MentionRiley, JenniferEvaluating the impact of an advanced paramedic educational intervention on the cancelled call rate and paramedic documentation of capacity assessment: a before and after observational study
2000AbstractHonorable MentionSedran, RobertCost-effective adenosine dosing in the ED
2000GrantJunior InvestigatorKapur, AtulEmergency department treatment of atrial fibrillation
2000GrantJunior InvestigatorPerry, JeffAre intubating conditions created during rapid sequence induction intubation using rocuronium comparable to succinylcholine? A meta analysis.
2000GrantJunior InvestigatorPetrie, DavidDo outcomes improve after integrating the EMS system in the follow-up care of discharged CHF patients?
2000GrantJunior InvestigatorPusic, MartinPredictors of children at risk for negative sequelae following concussion.
2000GrantJunior InvestigatorYerema, MarkA comparison of the effectiveness of the 20 hour intravenous versus the 72 hour oral n-acetylcysteine protocols in the treatment of acute acetaminophen overdose
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorBlouin, DanielleTime to recurrent ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation after defibrillation
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorBorgundvaag, BjugDC cardioversion for atrial fibrillation: A survey of practice by Canadian emergency physicians
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorCain, EdPre-hospital hypoglycemia: Criteria for not transporting treated patients - a pilot study
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorCummings, GarnetTrampoline injuries in the capital health region
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorGouin, SergeA randomized, controlled trial comparing use of absorbable plain gut and non-absorbable nylon sutures in the management of traumatic pediatric lacerations
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorJohnson, DavidAcute asthma presentations to the emergency department in Canada: The MARC-5 study
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorKelly, KarenEpidemiology of sledding injuries presenting to the ED
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorMagee, KirkMeta-analysis of low-molecular-weight heparin in acute treatment of unstable angina
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorMcGillvrary, DavidPredicted value of bag versus catheter urinalysis in non-toilet-trained children
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorNijssen-Jordan, ShjerieAcute asthma presentations to the emergency department in Canada: The MARC-5 study
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorPatel, HemaA randomized, placebo-controlled trial of oral salbutanol in outpatients with acute viral bronchiolitis
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorRutledge, TimUltization of sterile versus non-sterile gloves for the repair of uncomplicated lacerations in the ED
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorSinclair, DouglasAcute asthma presentations to the emergency department in Canada: The MARC-5 study
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorStitt, JamesAcute asthma presentations to the emergency department in Canada: The MARC-5 study
1999GrantJunior InvestigatorVoaklander, DonTrampoline injuries in the capital health region
1998Abstract1st Prize (Tied) - Resident ResearchHowes, DanielAn animal model for uncontrolled hemorrhage secondary to blunt trauma
1998Abstract1st Prize (Tied) - Resident ResearchMiller, MardelleMyocardial injury standard study
1998Abstract3rd Prize - Resident ResearchTurner, DanAn improved algorithm to shorten the interval to first shock using a semi-automatical external defrillator
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorBergeron, PierreInjuries Related to Recreational Winter Skating
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorBota, GaryThe Multicentred Asthma Research Collaboration (MARC 2x and 3) in a Northern Centre.
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorCwinn, AdamInjuries Related to Recreational Winter Skating
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorDorrington, CathyPulmonary Aspiration and Gastrointestinal Obstruction Associated with the Use of Oral Multiple Dose Activated Charcoal.
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorInnes, GrantCost-effectiveness of Once Daily Cefazolin (IM vs IV) in the Emergency Department Management of Severe Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
1998GrantJunior InvestigatorTravers, AndrewA Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Intravenous Beta-agonists in the Treatment of Severe Acute Asthmatic Exacerbations
1997Abstract1st Prize - Academic Research CompetitionChristenson, JimMultimedia versus standard ACLS learning: immediate educational outcomes
1997Abstract1st Prize - Community Research CompetitionEtherington, JAn emergency physcian's performance evaluation tool: peer satisfaction and change in behaviour
1997Abstract1st Prize - Resident ResearchMcNeil, GordonTeaching Emergency Physicians To Use Ultrasound To Identify The Abdominal Aorta
1997Abstract2nd Prize - Academic Research CompetitionDubinsky, IanA topical solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, and etracaine is effective for the repair of lacerations in the ED
1997Abstract2nd Prize - Community Research CompetitionMurray, MA comparison of oral glucose to glucagon in the out of hospital treatment of diabetic hypoglycemia by BLS EMADs
1997Abstract2nd Prize - Resident ResearchHowes, DanielThe impact of portable oxygen saturation monitors on oxygen consumption by paramedical pre-hospital care workers
1997Abstract3rd Prize - Academic Research CompetitionGrafstein, EricA hand-held metal detector to aid in the removal of subcutaneous needle fragments
1997Abstract3rd Prize - Community Research CompetitionChristenson, JimFASTRAK: a Canadian registry of patients with myocardial infarction
1997Abstract3rd Prize - Resident ResearchTravers, AndrewEvaluation of a pont of care arterial blood gas analyzer on patient care in the emergency department
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Academic Research CompetitionNewman, MBystanders at out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: actions and CPR training
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Community Research CompetitionLund, AEmergency physician compliance with the CAEP asthma guidelines
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Community Research CompetitionNgai, BDocumented use of analgesics in the emergency department and at discharge in patients with extremity fractures
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Community Research CompetitionTopping, ClaudePerformance of a new out-of-hospital cardiac arrest system including semi-automatic external defibibrillators and Combitude© in the Québec region
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Resident ResearchChoi, SClinical indications
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Resident ResearchDick, WTympanic versus oral thermometry in adult ED patients: a clinically meaningful comparison using error grid analysis
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Resident ResearchFreedman, RIs fiberoptic intubation a maintainable skill in the emergency department
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Resident ResearchLee, REmergency medicine educational intervention in Ethiopia
1997AbstractHonourable Mention - Resident ResearchTremblay, SStudy of early occurring side effects following emergency department administration of droperidol (Inapsine)
1997AbstractHonourable Mention- Academic Research CompetitionEisen, JAdvanced life support versus basic life support field resuscitation: an outcome study
1997AbstractHonourable Mention- Academic Research CompetitionGoulding, JFailure of prehospital trauma to detect significant injuries in the urban core
1997AbstractHonourable Mention- Academic Research CompetitionInnes, GrantKetorolac versus acetaminophen-codeine in the ED treatment of acute low back pain
1997AbstractHonourable Mention- Academic Research CompetitionWanger, KEffectiveness of prehospital administration of subcutaneous naloxone in patients with suspected opiod overdose
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorBeveridge, BobEmergency department triage and acuity: development of a national model for Canada
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorBota, GaryA truncated diagnostic code system for surveillance in the emergency department: description and clinimetric testing
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorBourdon, ChrisA systematic overview of the effectiveness of magnesium sulfate treatments in acute asthmatic exacerbations
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorInnes, GrantDexamethasone in acute migraine headache
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorMcGillivray, DavidPediatric resuscitation equipment preparedness of Canadian emergency departments.
1997GrantJunior InvestigatorRourke, JamesSmall hospital emergency transfers
1996Abstract1st Prize - Community Research CompetitionMurray, MichaelEvaluation of a training program for EMAs in the administration of symptom relief medications
1996Abstract1st Prize - Resident ResearchMurray, HeatherPresentation of women with ectopic pregnancy - a retrospective chart review
1996Abstract2nd Prize - Community EM Research CompetitionMacPhee, RenéeConfused elderly in the emergency department
1996Abstract2nd Prize - Resident ResearchMacDonald, RussellInterhospital patient transfer to tertiary care in southeastern Ontario
1996Abstract3rd Prize - Community EM Research CompetitionVézina, DanielCase reports: new complications with the esophageal tracheal combitube
1996Abstract3rd Prize - Resident ResearchSchull, MichaelCoronary thrombosis in the emergency department: concordance with clinical guidelines
1996AbstractHonourable Mention - Community EM Research CompetitionHowlett, MichaelMethods to decrease emergency department overultilization
1996AbstractHonourable Mention -Community EM Research CompetitionThompson, JamesOpinions of tural physicians in Alberta, Canada, regarding a combined advanced life-support update course
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchAspinall, NigelIntroduction of a new model fo teaching tube thoracostomy
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchCermignani, MonicaA crtical pathway reduces door-to-needle times in acute MI
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchChisholm, DouglasEvolving clinical standards for prehospital naloxone administration
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchDatta, ParthaNorepinephrine dose response relationship in porcine endotoxemia
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchSellens, CatherineFollw-up evaluation to the ankle rules: the FEAR study
1996AbstractNotable Mention - Resident ResearchYoon, PhilipEmergency medicine on the information superhighway
1995Abstract1st Prize - Resident Research CompetitionSivilotti, MarcoA study of hemodynamic response to rapid sequence intubation in the emergency department… The SHRED Trial
1995Abstract2nd Prize - Resident ResearchPlant, JeffLimitations of using PHI in capturing patients in need of a major trauma centre
1995Abstract3rd Prize - Resident ResearchAnderson, ScottUnidentified injuries in multiple trauma: a second look
1995AbstractNotable MentionFarion, KenProcedural skills for emergency medicine residents: redefining the RCPS core content list for fellowship candidates
1995AbstractNotable MentionGeoffroy, PierreEstimation of length of stay by patients in the emergency department using regression analysis
1995AbstractNotable MentionMale, RoseApplication of rural urban telemedicine in emergency medicine: identification of clinical situations
1995AbstractNotable MentionPetrie, DavidThe osmolal fap in ethanol (EHOH) intoxication
1995AbstractNotable MentionZheng, StanA survey of emergency physicians regarding the effect of consent to treatment legislation