Current Guidelines and Endorsements


Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines


CAEP-Endorsed Best Practices PolicyCurrent, CAEP Board ApprovedFebruary 20162019

Recommendations for policy development regarding sport-related concussion prevention and management in Canada


CAEP-Endorsed Consensus StatementCurrent, CAEP Board ApprovedJuly 12, 20142017
Ebola: A guide for clinicians in Canada
English & FrançaisCAEP
CAEP-Endorsed ResourceCurrent, CAEP Board ApprovedOctober 28, 2014   & Updated May 20152018

Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion


CAEP-Endorsed GuidelinesCurrent, CAEP Board ApprovedJune 2014
(1st Edition)
Revisions to the Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) GuidelinesCAEP-GLCurrent20142019
Recommendations for use of prothrombin complex concentrates in CanadaEndorsementCurrent 20112016
Revisions to the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale pediatric guidelines (PedCTAS)CAEP-GLCurrent2008 
Revision of the Canadian Emergency Department Information System (CEDIS) Presenting Complaint List version 1.1CAEP-GLCurrent2008 
CAEP supports NACI recomme ndation on rotavirus vaccination
CAEP appuie fortement les recommandations du CCNI à propos de la vaccination contre le rotavirus
CAEP-PR 2008 
The optimal management of severe sepsis in Canadian emergency departmentsCAEP-GL 2008 
Guidelines for the use of hypothermia after cardiac arrestCAEP-GL 2006 
Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS): Rural Implementation StatementCTAS-GL 2003 
Ottawa Knee Rules Publication
Ottawa Knee Rule Guideline (OHRI)
CAEP-GL 1996 
Ottawa Ankle Rules Publication
Ottawa Ankle Rule Guideline (OHRI)
CAEP-GL 1994 
Writing of patient admission ordersCAEP-GL   
Taking blood alcohol levels in the EDCAEP-GL   
Informed consent for emergency proceduresCAEP-GL   
Acute pediatric vomiting and diarrheaCAEP-GL   
Rural chest painCAEP-GL   
SARS guidelineCAEP-GL